Destiny beta may live on, possible extension hinted at past July 27

There’s possibly some good news for players currently enjoying the beta phase of Destiny after a hint from Bungie’s community manager suggests that it may continue beyond its reported July 27 end date.

In response to Bungie forum member Fatalist Prophet who was asking for confirmation about the end of the beta phase, community manager David Dague said that it was never set in stone when the beta would end.

“The Destiny Beta ends when we say it ends”, wrote David in Bungie’s weekly update post. “For days now, press releases have circulated that foretold of the end on July 27th. The Wolf, our Theoretical Physicist, has told me that he wants some room to maneuver close to the conclusion of our little social experiment. So, I’m not telling you exactly when. Please play until we nail this thing shut.”

With thousands of users only recently introduced to the sci-fi based shooter via an open beta phase it does make sense for Bungie to give them some more play hours to experience everything the beta has to offer before shutting it down and leaving fans hyped for its September release on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Don’t forget there’s a beta event tonight where players can enjoy a new mission and receive a reward for turning up. Let’s hope we’re all still playing it on Monday.