Destiny Festival of the Lost: quests, masks, emotes and more incoming!

Bungie’s annual Destiny Festival of the Lost is back with plenty of ways to help you celebrate the spooky Halloween season.

destiny festival of the lost mask

Destiny Festival of the Lost release date

The party starts on October 26 with a Destiny update that will add a host of new content for Guardians. The update includes:

  • New customization options to turn your Guardian into a freak!
  • Trick or treating
  • A new objective from Tyra Karn at the Iron Temple
  • Crucible matches under the cover of night
  • New Emotes and consumables
  • Ability to reclaim items from last from Eva Levante in Tower North
  • Festival Shells

Expect plenty of new masks, including some of those pictured below, and get your wallet at the ready because you’ll have to purchase most of these items from the Eververse Store.

destiny scary mask

Watch the Destiny Festival of the Lost trailer

Get set for the festival activities on October 26!