Destiny space travel, ship customization details released

In an interview with IGN, Eric Osborne, senior writer at Bungie, detailed space travel and ship customization for Bungie’s upcoming title Destiny.

According to Osborne, you wont be able to manually control your star ship, but you will be able to upgrade and customize it. "We’re not making a space sim where you’re flying through the stars," says Osborne "We’re making a first person shooter. So the primary way you’ll get around the world is on foot as a first person shooter, then space travel is a cool way for you to customize your ship and get around."

Osborne says that the ship is meant to be sort of a vanity item or rather something that "heralds your arrival." The ship lets you travel between key points in the world as well as other planets in the solar system. Osborne went on to say that you will be able to travel to the Moon, Earth, Mars, and Venus over the course of the game. ""You can see the ship when you arrive in public spaces and they sort of herald your arrival," says Osborne. "You can upgrade them, but they’re also the way that you’re moving around in the story and they’re primarily that story vehicle to get you from Earth to the Moon, then Venus or Mars."

Destiny is set to be released for the PlayStation 3 and 4 Spring of 2014.