Destiny: The Taken King – here’s what you should do first Guardians

Destiny: The Taken King is now available on PS4, and Guardians all over the universe may be wondering where to start first. Yes, it’s the same old Destiny (you shoot stuff) but there’s also plenty of changes to get your head around, and new strategies that you’ll need to deploy in order to get the best gear and level up.

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Before you go really deep into The Taken King, just pause for a moment. We’ve simplified things, by giving you five tips to get you started on your new adventure.

5 Destiny The Taken King tips to get you started

Reach level 25
Though we worked damn hard to reach level 25 (We’re not bitter), players who haven’t spent as much time as us on Destiny should immediately check their inventory where they’ll find the Spark of Light. This allows you to immediately skip levels and reach 25, which means you can now access the content of The Taken King and get better equipment for your Guardian. If you’re already at level 25 or above on your character, then you should create a new class and bump that up!

Note – if you’re new to Destiny, you’ll need to play the first mission of the original game in order to unlock the Spark of Light gift from the postmaster in the Tower.

Boost your XP with Motes of Light
The new level cap of 40 may seem a long way away, but you can now level by with Motes of Light, which were fairly redundant before The Taken King. Consume Motes of Light from your inventory, ensuring that you have the items you want to boost equipped, and start boosting that XP!

Exchange materials
In the Taken King there’s no longer a ton of different materials that you need to farm to upgrade gear; you’ll now need ‘upgrade materials’. So, it’s time to clear out the spinmental, helium filaments and all the rest that are clogging up your inventory. You can now exchange these materials for upgrade materials by visiting the Vanguard Quartermaster.

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We need this in our lives

Grab some bounties
There’s new bounties available in The Taken King, plus you can now hold 16 of them. Before you embark on any mission or multiplayer match, go straight to the Bounty Tracker and fill up those slots, which will help you boost your XP.

Play the story campaign
It’s easy to go off on a tangent when there’s a host of new content to get stuck into, but you should really start with the main story campaign. Not only will you pick up bounties along the way, boost your XP at the end of each mission, but you may get the loot drop that you dreamed of.

Now, go and explore!

Check out Bungie’s site for more detailed information on all the new features of Destiny: The Taken King.