Destiny The Taken King – How to earn Legendary marks fast

With the arrival of The Taken King expansion for Bungie’s popular MMO shooter, Destiny, comes a change to the economy system.

Gone are the separate Vanguard and Crucible Marks, which are now replaced with one currency, Legendary Marks. You can now use Legendary Marks to purchase gear from any of the vendors in Destiny. But, how do you earn them?

destiny the taken king how to earn legendary marks

Best way to get Legendary Marks

– You must be level 40 before you can earn Legendary Marks. In The Taken King it took us about 3 three hours to move from level 34 to level 40. Check out our Destiny tips for starting out.

– Legendary Marks can currently be earned through partaking in and completing daily events. You can find these missions lined up at the bottom of the screen when you’re in Orbit. Rewards are detailed below.

– Daily Heroic Story (level 41, light level 240 recommended) – 15 Legendary Marks

– Vanguard Heroic Strikes (level 41, light level 260 recommended) – 15 Legendary Marks

– Daily Crucible Match – 15 Legendary Marks for participating in the play-list shown in the daily events list

– Dismantle Legendary gear for up to five Legendary Marks. The gear you dismantle must have been earned in Year Two of Destiny.

– Partake in quests. Check individual quest screens before you begin to see the amount of Legendary Marks that can be earned. Many quests do not allow you to earn them, but in some you can earn up to 25 Legendary Marks, including Neverending Battle and The Vanguard’s Hand.

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