Destiny: The Taken King – where to find all secret chest locations – Video

Having trouble finding out the secret chest locations in Destiny: The Taken King? Well, look no futher. There are nine chests to find in total, all of which require a key to open.

You’ll have to get the keys first, but when you do check out their locations by following the video below.

In the video, we find the following chests, in this order, which are location in the Hull Breach, Mausoleum and The Hall of Souls (Court of Oryx) on Dreadnought.

1. Chest of Ur – Hull Breach

2. Chest of Xol- Hull Breach

3. Chest of Eir – Hull breach

4. Chest of Maggots – Mausoleum

5. Chest of the Spawn Mausoleum

6. Chest of Wydring – Mausoleum

7. Chest of Akka– The Hall of Souls

8. Chest of Yuul – The Hall of Souls

9. Chest of Gnashing Teeth – The Hall of Souls

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