Destiny weekly reset brings new Nightfall, Strike and Playlists- March 14, 2017

destiny weekly reset

The Destiny weekly reset for March 14, 2017 brings with it a new Raid challenge, Nightfall, Strike and the weekly crucible playlist.

Here’s this week’s update:

1. Nightfall: Sepiks Perfected, the remastered variant of Sepiks Prime is back. Watch out for those SIVA Nodes which cause a “SIVA Swarm” debuff! Modifiers this week are Berserk, Brawler, Fresh Troops and Airborne.

2. Wrath of the Machine Raid Challenge: Aksis is tough to beat so follow this guide if you need help.

3. Weekly Heroic Strike: SIVA Crisis Heroic. Your rewards are Legendary Engram, Treasures of Dawning, x10 Legendary Marks and XP. The heroic modifiers are: Heroic, Solar Burn,Small Arms. Ironclad

4. Weekly crucible playlist: Combined Arms and Doubles run until March 21. The available playlist changes weekly, and may be completed for Legendary Marks up to 3 times between Weekly Resets.

In other Destiny news, a few more details were revealed on the release of Destiny 2, with one rumor suggesting it will be called Forge of Hope. Meanwhile, Bungie is planning to release its last major live event for Destiny, with Age of Triumph. Due for release on March 28, players can expect a new lease of life for all the current Raids.

The Destiny Weekly reset starts now and concludes on March 21, 2017.