Destiny: Where is Xur? Find the Agent’s location – July 14-16

destiny xur location

Where is Xur?

Find Xur today in Destiny and check out his bag of exotic items. Get your strange coins at the ready as the Agent of the Nine returns armed with exotic weapons and armor.

Xur’s location is different every week when he turns up at 10am BST each Friday and disappears on Sunday 11am BST. 

Last week, Xur could be found in the Tower by the hangar bar, and this week he’s located:

In the Tower by the Speaker

Today, the hooded salesman has some new exotic goods for sale. Here’s Xur’s inventory for July 14-July 16.

  • Immolation Fists – Gauntlets
  • Crest of Alpha Lupi – Chest Armor
  • Starfire Protocol – Chest Armor
  • Monte Carlo – Auto Rifle

Weapon Bundles: Dragon’s Breath and Tigershark, Suros Regime and Basilisk’s Glory.

xur inventory

In other Destiny news, players are getting ready for the launch of the Destiny 2 beta, which you can now preload if you preordered Bungie’s shooter sequel.

The beta will offer players access to the new social hub, called the Farm, as well as the opening mission. You’ll also be able to play the new Crucible mode (Countdown), as well as partake in The Inverted Spire Strike. Excitingly, you’ll also be able to test out one of the brand new sub-classes for each Destiny class!

Earlier this week, a new White PS4 Pro and Destiny 2 bundle was announced as we head towards its September release.

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