.deTuned revealed

Remember Linger in Shadows? Some loved it, some hated it, others ignored it. No matter what you thought of it, it’s clear that the demoscene will continue to expand on the PlayStation Network.


Rusty Buchert from SCEA Santa Monica has revealed the latest PSN offering from the demoscene, .deTuned. Developed by .theprodukkt, .deTuned is not so much a game, but rather an application. Like Linger in Shadows, there’s an emphasis on Sixaxis motion control, but here you’ll be creating visuals to accompany the music on your hard drive, and even modifying your music as it plays.


It certainly looks very unique. We’ll have to see it in motion before we can even grasp what it truly is. Still, fresh ideas are always good for the industry, regardless of how any particular end product turns out.