Development studio missing from Manhunt 2 credits

Reports have surfaced that Rockstar Vienna, a development team that spent over two years on the controversial sequel Manhunt 2, was not given any mention during the games credits.

The team worked on Manhunt 2 from Jan. of 2004 until the studio was shut down in May of 2006. Jurie Hornemen, a former producer stated on his personal blog that he was "disappointed and outraged" that he and his team of over 50 workers were left without any mention in the game.

Horneman also stated: "I am sure someone somewhere is going to say that Rockstar Vienna was closed down because our work on Manhunt 2 was of insufficient quality. This is the kind of thing that cannot be proven one way or another, so all I will say is that this was not the case. I do not want to denigrate what Rockstar London did on Manhunt 2, but as far as I can tell (from analyzing screenshots, previews, etc.) the majority of the work we did at Rockstar Vienna is in the released game. Rearranged and modified, but it’s there."

Also on his blog, Horneman took the time to mention 55 team members who had worked on the game, one member, however did not wish to receive credit for his work.

It is never a good thing to leave out credit where credit is due, so from, thank you to all of those who worked hard on this game. Your work shows, and we appreciate the opportunity to play the games that you produce.