Devil May Cry 4 goes limp with Sixaxis

Lucky reviewers from far-off lands have gotten their greedy paws on bad-ass slash ’em up sequel, Devil May Cry 4, and have revealed a few nuggets of information.

First off, there will be Sixaxis control in the game…although it is only for controlling the camera. It’s a nice touch but will it be better than using the right analogue stick?

Secondly, on the PS3 version, sliding the game into the disc drive installs 5GB of data onto the Hard Drive for caching. This, apparently, is not an option. If you have one of the 60GB or 80GB PS3’s, this probably won’t be too bad. However, for 40GB and especially 20GB users, this will be quite the chunk of memory gone. This could inevitably be a much larger issue if you happen to also utilize your PS3 as a home for your PC media as well.

Let’s just hope that this is changed for release, although highly reduced loading times would be nice.

Stay tuned.