Diablo 3 completely rebuilt for the PS3, PS4

When word broke earlier this year that Blizzard’s massively anticipated dungeon crawler Diablo 3 would be hitting the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, console and PC gamers alike raised a number of concerns regarding such a transition.

Diablo 3 is one of those titles that, along with the likes of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft and Starcraft, is commonly associated with PC-gaming. But the idea of a long-time PC-only title coming to consoles is not unheard of, as a number of popular PC titles have made their way to consoles over the years. The problem? More often than not the console versions were unsatisfactory and only a shadow of its PC counterpart; a clear attempt to squeeze more revenue out of another market whilst exerting little to no effort.

Blizzard, however, has no intentions of jeopardizing its integrity and popularity as a quality game developer. In an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine (via VG247), Blizzard’s Matthew Burger said that “what we didn’t want to do was emulate a PC game on the console. So, for instance, you can’t plug in a USB keyboard and mouse and play Diablo 3 on PS3. It was really built for the controller. We put a lot work into how we laid out the abilities and the camera. It wouldn’t feel right.”

Taking Blizzard at its word, console gamers eager to dive into the Diablo universe can sleep a little easier at night. Even more promising, Burger mentioned in the interview a number of features and changes that will be exclusive to the console version of the game:

“In the PC version you don’t have evade, on the console version if use your right stick you can evade left, right, back and forward. In this type of game having a dodge roll is fairly traditional on the console so we wanted to make sure we had that. It also helped solve some of the differences between PC and console,” the designer of the company’s first console port said.

“On the PC if you click somewhere you’re character automatically goes there, on the console version, direct control, you have to actually manually go there. If you’re surrounded by enemies that might be a little more difficult, a little bit more tricky, so evade actually allows you to balance that out.

“Something we’ve done a little bit of work on is our boss fights – the presentation, some of the mechanics [have been changed] to bring them more in line with console boss fights which have a lot of tradition. So we’ve obviously kept an eye on how console games are and we mirrored that."

Considering the very few scraps of confirmed information concerning Diablo 3 for the PlayStation, it is likely Blizzard will release more details, along with a release date, in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned.

Steven Chaffin is a writer for PlayStation Universe who, although not often found in the realm of Diablo or World of Warcraft, spends a fair amount of time exploring dungeons and caves in The Elder Scrolls franchise. When not deep in the heart of Skyrim, he can be found on Twitter @steven_chaffin.