DICE unveils Bad Company trophies, election results

EA DICE has just announced the winners of the Battlefield: Bad Company Conquest map ballot held last week. Rather pleasingly, the two single player levels selected for reinvention as Conquest mode multiplayer maps were none other than those cherry-picked by your humble correspondents – "Acta Non Verba" and "Par for the course." We certainly tapped the zeitgeist on that one.

Elsewhere, the developer has detailed a few nips and tweaks to be introduced around about the same time as the next map pack. Chief among these are Trophy support – that’s right, you’ll now get shiny things for shooting people – and a server upgrade to get rid of that infamous lag.

On the ground, you’ll find that bullets and blades now go through bushes and that you can shoot faster after sprinting. Helicopters now take damage from multiple trees, and you won’t be able to one-hit-kill a friendly with your knife. You gutless traitor, you.

Last but not least, the unique weapons previously awarded to those who pre-ordered the game, played the demo and subscribed to the newsletter will be freely available for all.