Dishonored 2 free trial now available with 50% discount if you buy

dishonored 2 free

Bethesda has confirmed that the Dishonored 2 free trial is now available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Starting today, April 6, the free trial will be available to grab on PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE, and Steam, and offers the first three missions of the game. You’ll be given the option of playing as Emily or Corvo, and can give the trial a spin for as many times as you like. 

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Not only that, but you are impressed enough with the free trial and decide to purchase Dishonored 2, you’ll be able to use your saves from the teaser with the full game. Players that decide to upgrade to the full game will receive 50% off their purchase from the PSN Store, Xbox Marketplace, and Steam for a limited period of time.

Dishonored was released on November 11, 2016 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. The game received a steady stream of updates following its launch, including an option for a New Game Plus mode in December. The game generated strong reviews from critics at the time of release, although sales were disappointingly lacklustre, which in part has been attributed to the crowded market conditions at the time. 

The original Dishonored was released on the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 back in fall 2012, and received an overhauled edition for current-generation consoles in 2015.