Dishonored II set for a full reveal at E3 2014? — rumor

In another firm spin of the rumor mill, an off-screen presentation image has today cropped up that looks as if it may be confirming the existence of Dishonored II – a sequel to the 2012 smash-hit namesake.

The source and origin of the image are, at the moment, hotly contested, with its first concrete unaccredited appearance lying with the Twitter account, ‘AllGamesBeta’. The off-screen snap does confirm that a supposed full reveal will take place at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June (10-12), as well as carrying mysterious Twitter hash tag of ‘Darkness of Tyvia’.

We’ll strike this strictly into the rumor mill for the moment until any official confirmation rears its head, but it no doubt makes for an interesting development for fans of the original 2012 Arkane Studios-developed, Dishonored.

Are you hoping to see a full confirmation of Dishonored II? Give us your thoughts below.

(Via VG24/7)