DmC to be ‘one of the greatest’ titles in the series to date, says Capcom

Capcom’s pledged that it’s working tirelessly with developer Ninja Theory to ensure that the UK-based studios’ upcoming hack ‘n slash DmC: Devil May Cry will prove to be ‘one of the greatest’ titles in the series to date.

Speaking on the Capcom official forums, staff member onlyonet attempted to quell fears that the project won’t deliver the goods, after fans expressed concern over the new game due to hero Dante’s aesthetic overhaul and the fact it’s being worked on by a western studio.

"Capcom are heavily involved in the development of all its IP being worked upon by outside parties,” he commented.

"The exact same concerns were raised over Dead Rising 2 being made by Blue Castle games, which were totally ill founded, on what was an excellent game that ‘got’ everything that made the first game so amazing."

"[Ninja Theory] are renowned for the quality of their production everything from motion capture, scripting, design and performance, areas perhaps areas that Capcom have been criticised over the past few years?"

"Capcom bring to the table years of experience with design of fighting systems, characters and the little things that make DMC, well DMC."

"Combine all the best elements of Capcom and Ninja Theory you will have one of the greatest DMC titles ever created… and that people is what we’re working towards."

"But we haven’t handed over the family silver to some strangers we are working with Ninja Theory on this together. We believe that by going down this route we can breathe new life into the franchise and make a game that sits above DMC3 for this generation."

The staffer also looked back on previous DMC titles, noting that while Dante’s past demon-slaying shenanigans were “great games,” they weren’t quite as polished as they could have been.

"Lets be honest they were great games (averageing in the low 80’s on metacritic) but not perfect. We’re now aiming to make the perfect DMC game that gets 90’s"