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Dollhouse: Behind The Broken Mirror Brings First-Person Horror To PS5 In 2024

Dollhouse: Behind the Broken Mirror is coming to PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S in 2024, SOEDESCO and Indigo Studios have announced.

Weaving a tale of two realities, Dollhouse: Behind the Broken Mirror follows once-celebrated performer Eliza de Moor, who is suffering from amnesia after collapsing on stage during a performance. To reclaim her memories, Eliza has entrusted herself to Doctor Stern and his experimental medicine.

As a result, you’ll be navigating reality and the world behind the broken mirror (hence the game’s subtitle), guided by the effects of Stern’s experimental drugs. This will lead you on a journey to the remnants of your childhood home, the Dollhouse Mansion in Ravenhill, where Eliza will encounter unspeakable horrors.

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Players will also find themselves having to sold various puzzles that will help uncover the secrets of Eliza’s past, which are integrated seamlessly into the overall narrative. Meanwhile, enemies can be overcome by direct combat or stealth while you seek to obtain the fragments of Eliza’s memory.

Dollhouse: Behind the Broken Mirror is out in 2024 for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S.