Donate to charity for God of War 3 hands on?

Sony’s Santa Monica Studio recently posted a charity auction on to win a chance to get hands on time with their new unannounced PlayStation 3 title. Our guess: God of War 3.

According to the listing, the winner can bring a friend and the two of them will fly to Santa Monica to meet with the title’s Gamer Director and Key Designers. Also they will have the opportunity to playtest a portion of the game. We expect it to be God of War 3 as both Cory Borlog and David Jaffe, who have worked on the God of War franchise so far, revealed tidbits of info confirming its development.

At the time of this writing the highest bid stands at $375, and when all is said and done, the proceeds will be donated to the "Big Brothers Big Sisters" organization. So if you have the money to spare and are anxious to see Sony Santa Monica’s new PS3 title, there’s plenty of incentive to place your bid.

Stay tuned for more information.