Don’t forget to get this free Rime dynamic theme right now

rime dynamic theme ps4

It’s no secret by now that Tequila Works’ RiME might just be one of the year’s best games with its perfect blend of puzzles and platforming, all mixed in with a satisfying story too. Now for those who’ve finished RiME already but want more of the game’s beautiful art style, don’t forget that there’s a RiME dynamich theme out on the PlayStation right now, which you can download for FREE!

Here’s an official description of the theme:

"Take an opportunity to relax with this RiME Dynamic Theme, which showcases the game’s opening beach. Gentle music and the sound of the ocean greet you as you are joined by crabs, seagulls, and the ever-friendly Fox. Features both a daytime and nighttime mode, which changes depending on the time of the day."

What’s even better is, this dynamic theme really is dynamic since it changes over time! And of course, it looks fantastic and not hard on the eyes.

The RiME dynamic theme for the PS4 was created by noted theme creator Truant Pixel. RiME is out now on the PS4, and can be bought for $29.99. If you want to get it at a discount, We posted a 10 percent PSN card discount code that’s valid until the end of August that should knock a few dollars off the purchase price.