Downie responds to issues regarding Killzone 2 preview code

Guerrilla Games Q&A Manager Seb Downie has issued a response over on the Official PlayStation Forums in regards to the various complaints gamers have made on the latest preview code of Killzone 2.

"Hi folks,
I am getting a bunch of complaints about some things in the preview code and just wanted to clear this up for everyone.

The dialogue and voice-acting was not yet final and was placeholder for that build. Has since been improved a hundred times over.

Natkos face had a shading glitch in that build making him look a little weird and plastic. Has been fixed since.

Grain filter
The grain filter is still there. But the video compression is removing it. Looks better on screen.

Blood Meridian
Blood Merdian has been pulled forward in the level order compared where it was a year ago. As the weather become more violent throughout the game, the level of wind was too much for the second level of the game. This also has to do with it looking a little more ‘blue’.

Sev and Narville’s hair
I think this is a truely silly thing to bring up. I think you guys should all post pictures of your haircuts for me to mock.
One of the screenshots I have seen of him today make it look a bit strange I agree. The light catches his head and makes it look a little more blond/yellow. Is otherwise just really closely cropped."

Killzone 2 is due for release on February 27.