Dragon Age: Inquisition dev aiming for 1080p on PS4

The developer behind Dragon Age: Inquisition has indicated that it is aiming to have the PlayStation 4 version of the upcoming fantasy-RPG running at 1080p.

Speaking during an interview with PSLS, BioWare’s Cameron Lee commented, "I’ll give you a roundabout answer, which basically means I can’t answer it, but the truth is that although we are only a few weeks away from starting to put our first candidates up for certification, we still don’t really know where we’re going to land..and that’s true across all platforms, really. 

“Everything from the resolution to the frames and all that sort of stuff, you just work on that all the way until the very end. But we will certainly be aiming for as absolute high as the PlayStation can go in terms of resolution…at least that. So we’ll see where we go."

Dragon Age: Inquisition is due out on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 in November.