DRAM claims finally being paid out as checks start to arrive

You may remember the DRAM class action lawsuit that was filed in 2014 which enabled consumers to claim back some of the money from the purchasing of electronic devices, including 5th and 6th generation consoles, such as Sony PlayStation, Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo 64.

DRAM checks incoming

Well, the checks have finally started to flood through claimant’s mailboxes over the last week. Via this NEOGAF thread, we discover that numerous members claim they’ve enjoyed a nice surprise this month with some pay-outs over $100.

When will my DRAM settlement arrive?

So, if you’re waiting for a pay-out then hold tight! You should be getting your cash very shortly. It appears that numerous checks landed on July 8, 2016.

Enjoy your checks, folks!

Sadly, it’s far too late to make a fresh claim. The deadline was May 2014!

Here’s a bit of back-story to the lawsuit

  • It was claimed that DRAM prices were fixed
  • It was claimed that as a result, consumers had to pay more for DRAM devices
  • The court dismissed appeals and granted a settlement to consumers to the tune of over $300,000
  • Those affected had until May 2014 to file a claim
  • DRAM checks are now being received