Driveclub sales reach two million units

Evolution Studios’ PS4-exclusive racer Driveclub has sold two million copies, Game Director Paul Rustchynsky has announced via his Twitter account.

It’s a massive achievement in the context of the game’s infamously troublesome launch back in October, which saw online connectivity nearly non-functional for a number of weeks and also resulted in the much-anticipated free ‘PlayStation Plus edition’ being shelved until only two months ago.

Not to mention the fact that Driveclub was initially penned in as a PlayStation 4 launch title, too.

Despite its initial shortcomings , Driveclub is a beautifully polished racing experience so it’s nice to see it get the success it now deserves, following on from its notoriously bug-ridden launch.

Here’s what our reviewer Kyle Prahl had to say when he reviewed the game back in October:

”DRIVECLUB blends the complexity of realistic simulation with inviting mechanics and gives just enough leeway to evoke heart-pumping power and intensity in every kind of racing fan. A graphical darling with fresh multiplayer ideas to match, DRIVECLUB is irresistible and pushes the genre forward.”

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