DriveClub VR rated for ESRB in light of Evolution Studios’ closure

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) has posted a rating for the elusive DriveClub VR.

According to the rating, the title is a "racing simulation game in which players drive a variety of cars around real world locations. Players can engage in traditional races, time trials, and drifting challenges.”

It’s an interesting development considering we haven’t actually seen anything on the game in a while, though PSU was lucky enough to see it in action last year.

More importantly, it’s also come at a time when developer Evolution Studios was recently shuttered by Sony. Fortunately for them, the company was snapped up by Codemasters, albeit as a multiformat developer.

While this is fantastic news for the team going forward, it’s worth remembering the developer is no longer involved in DriveClub as the IP is still owned by Sony. In other words, if DriveClub VR is still in the pipeline, it’s been passed onto another studio.

DriveClub will live on under the care of the awesome team at PlayStation,” said Evolution’s Jamie Brayshaw following Evolution’s closure. 

DriveClub was originally scheduled for release alongside the PS4 at launch in November 2013. However, the title was pushed back by almost a year, with the game eventually turning up in October 2015 amidst a series of server issues that resulted in the PlayStation Plus Edition being postponed for months. 

Last year, Evolution announced a standalone expansion in the shape of DriveClub Bikes, which, well, does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s DriveClub, just with bikes instead of cars. DriveClub has sold over two million copies worldwide.

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