Electronic Entertainment Expo [E3] 2013 News

DUST 514: A Universe Like No Other

PlayStation Universe is known for having outstanding and in-depth coverage of DUST 514. Our resident Dust expert Alex Locher knows the game almost as well as the developers themselves, but for me, I’ve always found the concept a bit difficult to wrap my head around. During E3, I got to speak with Ryan Geddes, Senior Brand Manager on DUST 514 who told me why I should give the MMOFPS a try. Did he convince me?

The full release of DUST 514 landed on May 14th after a long period in beta and delivered a huge overhaul of the graphics, and a major update to balancing. What surprised me is the commitment that CCP is promising its fans including monthly updates, constant game balancing, and a drive to continually keep making DUST a better game. “I can’t overstate how seriously we take it; it’s part of our core, it’s part of who we are,” said Ryan said in reference to community feedback, and how CCP plans to incorporate it into DUST. And from what we’ve seen so far, there isn’t any reason to doubt CCP. Substantial updates – not just new maps are promised – in the next major patch, as well as improved vehicle handling and fine tweaking to the likes of shooting mechanics and movement.

DUST 514 launched with a big new game mode called Planetary Conquest, described by Ryan as, “The big metagame feature.” Players can take sections of planets, planets themselves, or take over part of a whole system. For EVE players, this results in what I was told were “bonuses to stations”. He quickly followed by saying: “we’ll be the first to admit that it’s nowhere near where we want that to be yet, it’s coming, and we just want to make sure we do it carefully.” It’s that kind of strong messaging that should be reassuring to both sides of the EVE server.

Within 24 hours of the new mode being unlocked, people were already vying for control of planets and stories were already surfacing about internal betrayal, like the ones experienced inside EVE Online over the last decade. Of all places, two sub Reddits, EVE and Dust have also quickly formed an alliance to oust a group of people out of a certain area of EVE space.

Certainly, the history of EVE has been interesting to a degree most games media can’t compete with, and with CCP now building onto the universe in a way that feels like it’s adding something that enhances the overall experience; and will just add to the scale of the amazing stories you hear from the series.