DUST 514 and EVE Online: CCP knows how to keep its community in the loop

Over the past 10 years of EVE Online development, CCP has released a large number of videos and devblogs aimed at keeping its userbase up-to-date with the latest developments in the game. Coupled with solid forum attention by developers, a good raport has built up between the gamers and game creators. This strategy continues with the development of DUST 514, the free-to-play PS3 shooter, with a steady stream of developer vidoes and blogs.

Leading up to a slew of major events at the end of April, CCP has launched a few new innitiatives that will build upon its rapport with the community. These events include the EVE FanFest event in Iceland, the 10 year birthday of EVE Online and the release of the major DUST 514 update titled Uprising. These milestones all happen between April 24th and May 6th.

First off, CCP recently launched the official DUST 514 podcast. ‘Merc Cast’ will be an ongoing series featuring the developers working on the game. In the first episode, CCP Cmdr Wang (Community Manager) and CCP Frame talk with CCP Praetorian (DUST 514 Creative Director) about Uprising and in particular the changes to the skill system that will hit in May. Check it out and stay tuned for firther details straight from the source.

Next up, there is a series of live feeds being hosted on CCP’s Twitch.tv channel throughout April. The first two feeds focused on the EVE Online/DUST 514 intergration and EVE developments. The next session looks at the past, present and future of CCP (April 16th 16:00 UTC) and DUST 514 developments (April 23rd 16:00 UTC). If you can’t watch the feeds live, you can click here to watch the archived recordings of the first two episodes. Questions during the feed can be submitted via the twitchtv chat or the DUST 514 Facebook and Twitter pages and the EVE Online Facebook and Twitter pages. CCP hopes that the live feeds will be an ongoing part of the communication link with the gamers.

Finally, if you are not able to attend the FanFest this year, don’t worry. CCP has put together a streaming bundle that offers quality coverage of the following events and in-game items. For $19.95, or 1 PLEX, you can subscribe to the twitch.tv coverage to get access to the following:

EVE Online Keynote
DUST 514 Keynote
CCP Keynote
EVE Summer Expansion
Finals of DUST 514 tournament
Finals of EVE Online tournament
Party at the Top of the World

Quafe commemorative t-shirt (EVE Online) – both male and female versions
Pirate Faction Rookie Frigate (EVE Online) – your choice of one of the five recently-released faction frigates for rookie pilots
50 copies of the Quafe Scout vk.0 dropsuit (DUST 514) – a flashy and effective dropsuit for confident mercenaries.

In addition, there will be extra commentary and interviews with the developers throughout the event.

Aside from the avenues above, you can keep track of the latest videos via CCP’s YouTube channel or visit the official site for other news, info and of course the forums.

As a reminder, if you are currently enjoying the beta, make sure you check out the Human Endurance event taking place throughout April to earn yourself item rewards simply for playing matches. Click here to see the list of available loot up for grabs.

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