Dust 514 – Get ISK or Die Trying beta event, Vehicle Developer Diary

If you have access to the DUST 514 beta, now is a good time to drop onto the battlefield. Starting today and running until November 26, CCP is hosting the Get ISK or Die Trying beta event. During this time, all buggies, tanks and dropships will be 50% cheaper. Additionally, the ISK reward for matches will three times the normal rate.

Vehicles play an important part of DUST battles. Dropships, for example, are able to provide air support via two customisable weapon turrets as well as acting as mobile spawn points enabling rapid troop redeployment. The team that has access to these specially customised vehicles with trained pilots will have the advantage in war.

Check out the new Vehicle Developer Diary to get the low down on the vehicle classes currently available in DUST 514 and a hint of what’s to come in the future, then go get some ISK.

Not currently In the beta? Do you live in the EU? Then come visit me in the forums and ask for a key.