DUST 514: How to earn SP

In DUST 514, you advance your skills as a soldier using Skill Points (SP). You are awarded SP at the end of the battle; the amount you earn based on total War Points (WP) earned and time spent in battle. WP are earned by performing a multitude of different actions on the battlefield. Killing is not the most lucrative way to earn points in DUST 514. Below is a breakdown of how to earn WP:

Kill an enemy: 50
Kill assist: 25

Revive: 60
Armour repair: 25 per second up to 125
Healing an ally who gets a kill: 35
Ammo resupply: 10
Spawn point usage: 25

NULL cannon hack: 100
NULL cannon hack assist: 50
Turret/spawn point/supply depot hack: 50
Turret/spawn point/supply depot hack assist: 25

Destroying a Light Attack Vehicle: 40
Assist destroying a Light Attack Vehicle: 20
Destroying a Heavy Attack Vehicle: 150
Assist destroying a Heavy Attack Vehicle: 75
Destroying a Dropship 75
Assist destroying Dropship: 35

Additionally, if you are the squad leader, you are able to issue squad commands. By holding R2 and pressing the R3 button down, your weapon wheel becomes an order wheel. You can select, attack, defend, capture and rally which then become your reticule. Aim this at at your desired order target and press fire. A good tip is to set the Defend command on one of your best players, because they will earn 20% more points and you will earn a 20% order commission. Any squad members who earn WP within a set radius of a current objective also earn a bonus.

How you choose to get your points is entirely up to you. Some don super fast light frame suits and sprint to get the initial installation and NULL cannon hacks, or hide away on the hills and sniper exposed mercs all match and some. As a logistics class you can earn a lot of WP by healing your team, reviving them, restocking their ammo and setting up spawn points.

There will be more WP rewards coming within the next 12 months as well as well as further tweaking and adjustment of the currently available rewards meaning more choices in how you choose to contribute to the battle.

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