Electronic Entertainment Expose [E3] 2007 News

E3 2007: Sony’s little announcements…

With Sony’s press conference in the past, we’ve created a roundup of all the small, but significant, announcements and confirmations. This year, Sony allowed very little time for the audience to ponder and absorb, so a lot of the groundbreaking revelations were not emphasised. This was of course a good thing, as it showed that Sony had a lot of things to say. So aside from the major announcements, such as MGS4, Haze and UT3 exclusivity, here are the other tidbits:

– 200 games on Blu-ray and 180 downloadable games will be released worldwide by the end of Sony’s fiscal year (March 2008). 120 of the downloadable games are set for the USA.

– SOCOM: Confrontation is confirmed to be releasing as a downloadable game on the PSN and on Blu-ray, just like Warhawk.

– The first SOCOM: Confrontation map that was shown was called Cross Roads.

– A new track will be made available for MotorStorm in August. The track is called Eagle’s Nest.

– WipEout HD, a PSN downloadable game, will run at 1080p resolution at 60fps.

– A social networking website will be released along side Home as a way for your friends to see your PlayStation gaming profile.

– You can send pictures from your cell phone to Home and from Home to the social network site with no network hiccups.

Lair weighs in at a hefty 25GB, taking up the full layer on its Blu-ray disc.

– MGS4 will be played by Hideo Kojima on July 17th at an event in Japan.

– The footage of Killzone 2 shown is from its pre-pre-alpha build.