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E3 2011: BioShock for Vita is a competely new project

The planned BioShock title for PlayStation Vita won’t be a port of an existing game in the series but an entirely new project, developer Irrational Games has revealed.

Chatting with IGN, Levine said the game has been built completely from the ground up for Sony’s new pocket brick.

“It’s a different project. It’s its own thing being built from the ground up,” he explained.

“That is going to be strange and surprising to people. I think we always want to surprise people. If I’m just saying ‘here’s BioShock 1 on Vita’, that’s something we could potentially do, but you don’t need us to do that. Somebody can make that happen.”

Levine took to the stage at Sony’s E3 presser on Tuesday night and confirmed that BioShock: Infinite would support PlayStation Move, as well as unveiling plans for the aforementioned Vita title.

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