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E3 2011: EA looking at ways to ‘bring back’ Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge may yet make a comeback and could even take advantage of Battlefield 3’s lauded Frostbite 2 engine, says EA Games chief Frank Gibeau.

Speaking to GTTV, the executive again reiterated that the publishing behemoth hasn’t turned its back on the parkour-infused actioner, and says it’s in the process of looking at ways to bring it back.

“We’re actively looking at how to bring it back in the right way. We love that franchise. The DICE guys really created something I think special the first time around. You’ve got to have a big idea to be able to do the next one and that’s what we’re working on,” said Gibeau.

Quizzed whether a new Mirror’s Edge could utilize the Frostbite 2 engine, he teased, “you’ll see that combination, I’m sure.”

Mirror’s Edge hit shelves in late 2008 to a luke warm critical reception, though despite selling two million units as of October 2010 “fell short” of EA’s expectations. A sequel was said to be in the works back in 2009, though the project has since been put on ice.

Stay tuned.

via VG247