E3 2012 Awards: Best Game

When The Last Of Us was shown to us behind closed doors, our jaws dropped. We had to fight off the urge to run and garb the controller away from the developer showing us through the demo. The shocker: the game was totally different from what people had seen, and were originally excited about. There are so many ways to play this game that we the technical challenge that it must have taken to create it is beyond belief.

It blew us all away during Sony’s press conference. Low and behold, PSU’s 2012 Game of the Show award goes to…

The Last of Us!

What can we say about The Last of Us that hasn’t already been said? Well, a lot, actually. But until Naughty Dog chooses to unveil more about the game, we’ll leave you with this explanation on how radical it’s going to be.

Runner-up: Beyond: Two Souls