E3 2012 Awards: Best PS Vita title

Playing cross-platform on two PlayStation Vitas against another two players on PlayStation 3 in a four-player battle was the highlight of our PS Vita experience at E3 this year.

In PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale the action is fun, fast and furious. From the Fat Princess to PaRappa The Rapper, there’s a good range of characters plucked directly from the PlayStation universe and each of them has a unique range of moves.

Some familiar fighting arenas, inspired by the likes of LittleBigPlanet and God Of War, provide some entertaining backdrops to the action, which involves beating the living daylights out of three other opponents.

Gameplay is addictive as you attempt to fill the metre up by taking a jab at your opponent before unleashing a special move, which is unique to that particular character, such as PaRappa The Rapper’s funny ‘death by rap’ song. It’s all very entertaining and tongue-in-cheek, but there’s also a degree of strategy involved as you bounce around screen to avoid getting whacked and grab power-ups to improve your chances.

PlayStation All-Stars is set up to be an absolute blast and a great game to play cross-platform. The release date is currently set for Autumn 2012.

Runner-up – Sound Shapes