E3 2012 News

E3 2012: Hideo Kojima says Fox Engine is built for current-gen consoles

Legendary developer Hideo Kojima has been talking up his company’s new Fox Engine, describing the tech as a means of crafting titles in a ‘more efficient way.’

Speaking with the chaps at CVG at E3 this week, the Kojima Productions big cheese also said that the engine is particularly handy for allowing devs to make the same game across multiple platforms.

“We can look at objects and gameplay in real time as we are developing, and it saves us spending lots of time making items that we may then decide not to use once they are ready to put in the game," said Kojima-san.

"Another area where Fox Engine excels is that it can be used to develop the same game on multiple platforms at once."

Quizzed as to what hardware is optimized to run titles powered by the Fox Engine, the developer replied: “It’s running on PS3, 360 and current PCs.”

"It’s not something out of reach. One thing we paid a lot of attention to is lighting effects, the way light shines through and reflects off different materials, and this is something that couldn’t be done in past generations but can be done with current generation platforms," he added.

Hideo Kojima is currently busy working on the new Enders Project as well as the mysterious Project Ogre.