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E3 2012: Microsoft’s lackluster press conference sets Sony up for a win

Impressed by Microsoft’s E3 press conference? Nope, we weren’t either. In fact, The Xbox manufacturer’s lack of impact on attending journalists this morning has set things up very nicely for Sony to steal the show later today when it kicks off with its own conference.

PSU’s Don Oliveira was at the Microsoft conference this morning where he reports a less-than-happy crowd of journalists unimpressed by the Redmond-based company’s Kinect-heavy showing and the announcement of Smart Glass, when what they really wanted to see was something new and exciting.

Halo 4 got the biggest cheer, of course, with an impressive trailer, but the slew of games taking advantage of Kinect’s voice control, including sports games, where surely it’s quicker to press a button then to shout out plays, only attracted a ripple of applause.

The biggest shocker of the show was Fable: The Journey, which is also going down the Kinect route, using gesture controls to shoot fireballs at enemies.

This leaves Sony in a great position to dominate at this year’s E3. With rumours that a ton of new games will be announced for Vita, that there’ll be more from The Last Of Us, and a couple of very big surprise announcements, we’ve got a feeling Sony will do just that.