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E3 2012: PS3 still has ‘a long way to go yet,’ says SCEE

Sony has moved to play down suggestions that PlayStation 3 is in its twilight years, insisting its flagship console still has ‘a long way to go yet.’

Quizzed as to whether the company’s strong showcase for PS3 at this year’s E3 was a sign that the system is on its way out, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) boss Jim Ryan responded:

“No I don’t think that’s the case. What struck me at the conference was the sheer amount of innovation – at our conference at least – and I think that’s really indicative of a platform that’s got a long way to go yet.”

For those of you not keeping track, PS3 is quickly approaching its sixth birthday in the U.S. and Japan, having launched there back in November 2006. PAL territories received the console in March 2007.

While Sony is keeping mum on the subject of a next-gen console, it is widely speculated that PlayStation 4 (as well as Xbox 720) will be showcased at E3 2013.

via OPM UK