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E3 2012: Resident Evil 6’s campaigns pack 70-80% of volume in RE5

Resident Evil 6 producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi has revealed a few new story tidbits on the hotly-anticipated dramatic horror sequel.

As previously confirmed, the game will feature three unique campaigns: Leon, Chris and Jake, each of whom will be accompanied by a partner character.

For Kobayashi however, former R.P.D. officer Leon S. Kennedy is of particular significance to the story, and it was his [Kobayashi’s] idea to bring the floppy-haired hero back for RE6.

“I really like Leon as a character,” he told Siliconera. “I also like the relationship between Jake and Sherry and how they develop partners and characters in the game.”

"There wouldn’t be Resident Evil 6 without Leon because he is central to the story." Meanwhile, a Capcom rep described Leon as the "main main character" in Resident Evil 6.  "Of course, you won’t see the whole story unless you play through all three characters,” he added.

In terms of length, Capcom has said it estimates that each campaign in RE6 packs around 70-80% of the volume in Resident Evil 5.

Lastly, Kobayashi was quizzed on how he felt about Resident Evil’s transition from a survival horror series to a more action-oriented experience in recent years.

“Resident Evil 5 was an action based game, but it had a positive reception. It was good action. We looked at that and the reception we got from that game and also people’s desires for the entire series so far. We really think we got the balance right in Resident Evil 6 with the recent and classic games,” he offered.

Resident Evil 6 is due out on October 2 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.