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E3 2012: Sony says competitors neglected core gamers at E3

Jack Buser, senior director of Digital Platforms at Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), has hit out at competitors Microsoft and Nintendo, criticising both firms for leaving core gamers in the dark at E3 this week.

Chatting with VentureBeat, Buser said that the reaction to Sony’s presser had “been just amazingly positive,” before adding:

“Some of our competitors, seemingly, are losing the plot, forgetting what built this industry. It was the gamer. And our press conference really drove that home.”

Buser went on to highlight some of the key areas of Sony’s press conference, such as the show-stopping Beyond: Two Souls and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, which he believes represent the type of software gamers are itching to get their mitts on.

"We showed amazing partnerships with our third parties. We showed incredible titles from our first parties. The Last of Us, you saw that? Beyond: Two Souls. You see these titles and they represent some of the… I’m biased, but these are the best games I’ve ever seen, and they’re exclusive to our platform. These are the types of games that gamers want, and they’re pushing what a console game can be to the next level.”

"I’ve watched all of our competitors very closely," he said. "And I think we did a very good job of drawing a solid line in the sand here at E3, and standing up with our back straight as PlayStation and saying ‘We’re for gamers’.