E3 2012 News

E3 2012: Sony targets 10m PS Vita sales for current FY

Andrew House, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI), has said the company expects to sell 10 million PlayStation Vita’s in the current fiscal year.

Speaking with Reuters, the executive said the platform holder hopes to achieve this target by launching a number of high-profile software releases over the 2012 holiday season, as well as bolstering PS Vita’s network content.

Sony previously said that it aims to sell a combined 16 million units of PSP and PS Vita hardware during the current FY, though at the time didn’t clarify how much each system was expected to sell.

House was quick to note that PlayStation 3 would be the main bread winner for Sony’s game business however, raking in more profits than its handheld stable mate.

Quizzed as to how far Sony has come in regards to researching PlayStation 4 (aka Orbis), House’s reply was fairly predictable: “I have nothing to say about next generation hardware."

Instead, he once again reiterated Sony’s long-term plans for PS3, pointing to upcoming games such as The Last of Us and Wonder Book as evidence that the console is far from being on its last legs.

“We believe that through games like this, we can show that PlayStation 3’s future is strong,” said House.