E3 2012 News

E3 2012: Sony unveils Wonderbook for PlayStation 3

The PlayStation Move doesn’t get a lot of love these days, but that could all change with the new Wonderbook augmented reality product. Utilizing the PS Move, PS Eye, and the new Wonderbook, kids (presumably) will get a sort of virtual story. During Sony’s press event, we learned that Sony has partnered with J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series. The product is slated to launch this holiday season.

Wonderbook is a physical book that works similar to EyePet. It uses augmented reality, but it’s not just limited to stories. You’ll find features or products that take you to when dinosaurs roamed the earth, or to soar through the stars. You’ll find a diverse library of content, including Moonboot Studios’ all new Digg Nightcrawler.

Book of Spells will take players deeper in the world of Harry Potter. This is the first product available since Sony partnered with Rowling for Pottermore, an online experience that extends the Harry Potter universe.