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E3 2012: The Last Guardian absence due to ‘technical difficulties’

Team ICO’s The Last Guardian failed to make an appearance at E3 this year due to “technical difficulties,” Sony Worldwide Studios boss man Shuhei Yoshida has said.

As previously reported on PSU.com earlier today, Yoshida-san reaffirmed eager gamers that the ambitious PlayStation 3-exlusive is still in development, though wasn’t in a suitable state for public consumption.

However, a few more details on the game’s absence have trickled in today, with Yoshida-san telling Eurogamer that the game’s omission from the Los Angeles-based shindig was down to unspecified issues.

“The team is back in Tokyo is working hard, and there are some technical difficulties that the team is focused on right now,” he said. “That’s why we don’t have an update.”

Speculation has mounted that development of The Last Guardian has actually made the transition to Sony’s next-generation console, which is believed to carry the codename Orbis. Yoshida-san tackled these murmurs head-on, stating:

“What does that question mean [is it still a PS3 game]? It is a PS3 game,” he said.

Nonetheless, the executive wasn’t able to state in unequivocal terms whether or not there was a danger the game may never be released, or if the game may not come to PS3 at all.

“When we have confidence in saying that, we will talk about it,” said Yoshida-san. “But today, we are working through some engineering effort.”