Electronic Entertainment Expo [E3] 2014 Feature

E3 2014 Awards: Best Game

Rocksteady takes the helm again for the Caped Crusader’s latest–and as far as we know, final–action-adventure in the stunning Batman: Arkham Knight. After the misfire that was last year’s Arkham Origins, all hopes of a return to form are being pinned on the Dark Knight’s hotly anticipated PlayStation 4 debut–and from the look of things, it’s going to deliver in every conceivable way. One of the greatest things about Arkham Knight is the inclusion of the Bats’ iconic Batmobile, which our brooding hero can call upon at any time to facilitate his efforts throughout the sprawling, gloomy Gotham City. In fact, so vast is the game that it’s five times larger than Arkham City. Clearly, Rocksteady’s ambitions have never been higher.

Elsewhere, the game’s eponymous villain looks set to be our hero’s most challenging foe yet, and Scarecrow looks to be a nice departure from the traditional (but nonetheless captivating) antics of The Joker from previous instalments. With some great-looking takedowns, some of which allow Batman to utilize the environment, the combat remains as intuitive and satisfying it always has but that much better: new animations and moves flesh out the already-fantastic template Rocksteady established in 2009. As PSU’s Kyle Prahl mentions in his hands-on preview, Arkham Knight impresses with its silky-smooth frame rate and stunning visuals, with the Batmobile remaining an “indispensable” tool in the Caped Crusader’s arsenal. Bigger, prettier, and chock full of new additions, Batman: Arkham Knight is destined to become the greatest superhero video game to date, and nothing impressed us more at E3.

Batman: Arkham Knight is scheduled for release in early 2015 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.