Electronic Entertainment Expo [E3] 2014 Preview

E3 2014: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel hands-on impressions: take your game into outer space

Associate editor Will Robinson and freelancer Jon Ottman got the time to play the interestingly named Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel at E3 2014 and found more new additions to the co-op shooter’s formula than expected.

While no Space Olympics, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel provides new challenges, like oxygen maintenance, in its moon setting. Unique traversal techniques make their debut such as traveling via jetpack. The low gravity environment makes for not only new sights, but sweet new combat moves… where no one can hear them.

As Jon puts it, Pre-Sequel is “the same kind of fun, just more of it” and that’s in a positive light. Both Will and Jon walk away very pleased with the game. Watch their full impressions below and stay glued to PSU for more previews.