Electronic Entertainment Expo [E3] 2014 News

E3 2014: DOOM 4 teaser unleashed, full reveal set for QuakeCon

Id Software has put E3-goers and gamers alike in a spin with the release of the very first teaser for its newest title, DOOM 4.

Having been in production since 2008, DOOM 4 looks set to re-write the first-person shooting laws with a considered mix of sharp gameplay and a horrifically-conceived world.

The teaser, seen below, shows an ogre-like cyber demon housed in metallic armour, with connecting cannons ready to wreak havoc on anyone standing in its way. Just as the trailer ends the sound of a shotgun is heard – instantly rekindling fond memories of previous DOOM games.

The full reveal is set for QuakeCon this year, from July 17-20. Housed at the Hilton Anatole hotel, Dallas Texas, QuakeCon is the premier convention for all Id Software-related products and licensed merchandise – you can expect a full trailer at some point during the weekend of the convention.

Stay tuned to PSU for all the news on DOOM 4 as it hits, and don’t forget to give us yours thoughts on the teaser and indeed all of E3 below.