Electronic Entertainment Expo [E3] 2014 News

E3 2014: New The Evil Within screenshots play host to sick experiments & creepy environments

The onslaught of horror-related media at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) shows no sign of un-dying off with an abhorrent slew of The Evil Within screenshots having just been unleashed for your eager eyes to feast upon.

The game – championed by the father of Survival Horror Shinji Mikami – takes gamers to the depraved depths of a murder investigation which is not all that it seems; intrepid detective Sebastian Castellanos must battle against malevolent forces in his bid to right the wrongs that have occurred and get to the bottom of what’s really happened at the scene.

Tango Gameworks’ debut offering was recently subject to a delay (until October) which will most likely turn out to be a blessing in disguise as Mikami-san’s now got those extra, precious months to make The Evil Within even more terrifying. Plus, it gives us gamers ample time to drum up the money necessary for all the extra pairs of underwear that’ll be needed.

Check out the screenshots below.

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Are you quivering in anticipation to play Mikami-san’s latest horror game? Or do you think other related titles such as Bloodborne or Let it Die are more worthy of praise? Don’t forget to tell us below and as ever stay tuned for more E3-related coverage all this week.