E3 2015 | Electronic Entertainment Expo Feature

E3 2015 Awards: Best Fighting Game

E3 2015 is over for another year, and what a show it’s been. As we pack our bags and head back home we’re left with a tough decision: which games deserve our coveted awards this year?

Winner: Street Fighter V

The premise may be identical to previous games in the series, but Street Fighter V certainly doesn’t feel stale as its E3 showing proved.

With an art-style similar to Street Fighter IV it brings fan-favourite Street Fighter characters to life with its vibrant art design and slick animation. Combat feels as fluid as ever and it’s exciting to think that PS4 players will be able to battle online against their PC counterparts.

While Street Fighter V looks similar to Street Fighter IV, the mechanics have been overhauled with the likes of the focus attack replaced with V-Skills and V-Triggers which work differently for each character. Though it feels like previous Street Fighters, the enhancements add a new layer to combat which adds new strategies and delivers extra visual impact.



Street Fighter V packs one hell of a punch, and though there’s certainly room for improvement in terms of its overall aesthetic, its March 2016 release means there’s plenty of time for Capcom to work on those final touches and deliver the Street Fighter game on PS4 that fans have been longing for.

Honourable Mention: Skullgirls 2nd Encore