E3 2015 | Electronic Entertainment Expo Feature

E3 2015 Awards: Best Sports Game

 E3 2015 is over for another year, and what a show it’s been. As we pack our bags and head back home we’re left with a tough decision: which games deserve our coveted awards this year?

Winner: Rocket League

Aha, I bet you were expecting something else? Well, truth is Rocket League deserves this award over some the triple-A, big budget sport’s games because it’s just so much damn fun. This physics-based football (soccer) game by Psyonix is incredibly difficult to put down due to huge sense of accomplishment you feel when you career through the air in your vehicle and smash the ball into the back of the net.



In the same way that FIFA or Pro Evo gives you that adrenaline buzz when you’ve worked hard to pass the ball around the field and score a goal, Rocket League also nails that feeling, but in a unique setting that feels fresh and exciting. With a ton of customisation options, brilliant multiplayer options and its intuitive control scheme, Rocket League is in a league of its own, delivering all the thrills and spills of a competitive sports game in a new and dynamic way. It’s such a simple concept, but it ‘s brought to life clearly by people who understand what gamers want…fun.

Honourable Mention – FIFA 16