E3 2016 | Electronic Entertainment Expo Feature

E3 2016 Awards: Best PlayStation Action-Adventure Game

Well, that’s all folks. E3 2016 has wrapped, bringing the curtains down on yet another game-filled extravaganza in sun-baked Los Angeles. Of course, the fun’s not over just yet; we’ve still got to slap awards on the titles that impressed us the most, which is no easy task considering the pedigree of games on offer. 

Here, we take a look at the show’s best action-adventure game.

Winner: God of War

Kratos’ latest outing impressed us so much this year that the perpetually peeved baldy managed to scoop a total of three awards from PSU Towers. Deservedly so, we might add, as the upcoming God of War is a far cry from an incremental upgrade to the previous gory hack-’n-slash titles, seemingly acting as a sequel while also rebooting the fundamentals of the 11-year-old franchise.

Aside from the beautiful aesthetics of the whole thing, God of War promises to put much more of a human touch on the proceedings, with our now-bearded hero accompanied by who we presume to be his son. The pair go off hunting together in the forest, for example, and Kratos jumps to his defence when some nasty beasties attack. Not only that, but the game shifts to a Norse mythology-inspired affair, which opens up a whole new barrel of fun when it comes to enemies and hulking bosses.

In addition, while not an open-world game, Sony Santa Monica’s latest effort is massive compared to previous God of War titles. You’ll also be able to take advantage of a full RPG system and a whole new move set to slice up your demonic foes with. In short, it’s God of War, but on an epic level that we have never seen before; and that’s why we’re convinced it’s PS4’s best upcoming action-adventure game, bar none.