E3 2016 | Electronic Entertainment Expo Feature

E3 2016 Awards: Best PlayStation Indie Game

Well, that’s all folks. E3 2016 has wrapped, bringing the curtains down on yet another game-filled extravaganza in sun-baked Los Angeles. Of course, the fun’s not over just yet; we’ve still got to slap awards on the titles that impressed us the most, which is no easy task considering the pedigree of games on offer. For this feature, we shine the spolight on the best indie offering of the show. 

Winner: Vampyr

Developed by Life is Strange codehouse Dontnod, Vampyr ranks among the the most devilishly evil games we’ve clapped eyes on in recent years. Taking place in a sumptuously rendered open-world London following the Great War, Vampyr puts the weight of choice on your shoulders as you control Jonathan Reid, a doctor who is struggling to live out his life as a blood-sucking creature of the night.

Vampyr offers an innovative take on RPG levelling, as Reid is only rewarded XP to increase his abilities by draining the blood of innocent civilians. Furthermore, your actions in the game will directly affect the world around you, so sinking your teeth into the Spanish Flu-riddled denizens of London will come back to haunt you. Vampyr looks stunning, and it’s unique take on the traditional RPG experience is sure to shake things up from what we’ve seen. 

The combat also looks set to deliver a grisly, visceral experience as the good doctor unleashes his vampyric abilities against both human and mythical adversaries on the cobbled streets of Blighty’s iconic city. Vampyr is set to infect PlayStation 4 at some point in 2017.