E3 2016 | Electronic Entertainment Expo Feature

E3 2016 Awards: Best PlayStation New IP

Well, that’s all folks. E3 2016 has wrapped, bringing the curtains down on yet another game-filled extravaganza in sun-baked Los Angeles. Of course, the fun’s not over just yet; we’ve still got to slap awards on the titles that impressed us the most, which is no easy task considering the pedigree of games on offer. 

For our latest award, we shine the spotlight on the most impressive new IP to grace the PS4.

Winner: Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream has a knack for weaving some of PlayStation’s most compelling narratives to date, and that trend looks set to continue with its neo-noir thriller Detroit: Become Human. Set in the near-future in a world where androids have supplanted humans as the go-to guys for, well, pretty much everything, Detroit features several playable characters (a la Heavy Rain) and gameplay halfway between cinematic and explorative. 

The glimpse we got at E3 2016 showcased not only some meticulous character models at work, but more importantly, a look at some raw gameplay highlighting creator David Cage’s trademark: choice. Yep, Detroit looks set to tug at our heartstrings the same way Heavy Rain and Beyond did before it, with one example pitting gamers in a hostage situation with the life of a child in the balance.

From what we saw, Cage’s studio is looking to create a massive opportunity for players to craft their own unique story in Detroit, with all manner of outcomes possible. Indeed, Detroit looks set to weave one of the most gripping narratives on PS4 yet, and we can’t wait to see how it shapes up.

Editor’s note: The selection for Best New IP at E3 was limited to new IP that were appearing at E3 for the first time.